… if I get stumped just try to someplace else to sit and draw. Go to a coffee shop just to kind of mix it up. I've learned that if I hit a (creative) block it's fine to walk away, don't keep beating at it and forcing it to happen. Before, I would push myself and push myself to get it right, and if it didn't feel right it would get more frustrating.”

Simple truth from Episode No. 05 guest, Justin Teodoro, an Artist and Illustrator.

So you’re stuck (again)... it’s the worst!  That moment when you stare at the page or screen for way too long and nothing comes out.  All of these ideas are floating in your head trying to spill out, but just can’t. It’s like being stuck at the top of a roll-coaster. It scary and anxious, and you're just waiting. Now you're overthinking all your ideas/concepts and questioning your decisions.  But the best way to break free from any monotonous task is to listen to Justin and “mix it up” and break your routine.

I know, what the point of having a process if you aren't gonna use it. But when you have a creative block, you need to change it up. Your methods have gotten you this far and are solid, but when that time comes, and it will, when you get stumped, stop what you’re doing. It’s time to break free of the systems you built because right now they’re not working. So look at doing something that allows your mind to wander and give it a breather.  I read somewhere that Louis Pasteur said “chance favors only the prepared mind” and its true. You are probably overstimulated and can’t focus on the tasks at hand. It's all there: the research, the inspiration, the direction, just give your mind a rest. Let it do its job.

When you identify that activity: a walk in the park, a coffee shop, a visit to a museum, or a meet-up with friends, let the day happen, you will eventually get back on track. But remember, you never know when that spark comes back, so keep a sketchbook handy and finish what you were doing. 🙂

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