“…in my younger years I did a lot of over-thinking and talked myself out of doing a lot of things, Just stop that. Try to kill that voice and just do, and by doing you’re creating and by creating you’re already an artist…no one can take that away from you.”

Simple truth from Episode No. 01 guest, Lisa Pertoso, a Learning Designer, Writer, and Comedian.

What is self-doubt? Is it that voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough or is it external? It comes in many forms, but it seems to be most prevalent when you compare yourself to others. I know it’s hard to stop comparing ourselves especially when we are constantly flooded with visual stimuli from online portfolios, visual bookmarking websites, social media, and brands we admire. But we tend to forget that what we are comparing ourselves to are the countless hours of collaboration, revisions, and feedback. Also, in most cases, these are the best versions of the work, stylized, mocked up and photoshopped to perfection.

So since you’re are starting out, it’s hard to achieve that same level of perfection. I’m not saying it won’t happen soon, but as someone new in the field, it will take time. So follow Lisa’s advice and “just stop that!” When you stop comparing yourself and continue to practice your craft, you’ll get better and find new ways to make your work stand out.

Design is a career of comparisons from our peers, bosses, and the industry. Don’t start out by looking down on yourself. You’re a creative for a reason. Own that and begin your journey.

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