“I've always been the type to do my own thing outside of a full-time job. I like personal projects, so being able to exercise other forms of design is a way to exercise my brain. I think it’s the problem solving, you know, I just like taking those little bits and making sense of it all.”

Simple truth from Episode No. 04 guest, David Soto, a Graphic Designer, Hand Letterer, Forever a student

How do you learn? By expanding your skills and getting out of your comfort zone—but also by constantly creating. David’s creativity doesn't stop with his 9-5pm. LIke most creative people, he has ideas that need to get out into the world. And it’s that creative itch that needs to be scratched. Personal projects or side projects, are what can soothe it.

Your side-hustle is a form of expression that allows you, the designer, to let loose. You don't have to solely focus on what you're currently working on, but you can branch out. It’s very satisfying to unleash some of those  other creative abilities that you’ve not been able to flex at your job, or just not the way you want to. With a side-hustle you are now your own boss (sort-of) and can work on the projects that bring you joy and highlight what you’re passionate about. But it's also a way to make some extra loot. And who doesn't want to save up for that next vacation or large purchase. 

Either way, a side hustle allows you to explore more of what it means to be a designer. You manage your own deadlines, deal with clients directly, become more of a creative entrepreneur. You find out a lot about yourself and the way you work with a side gig. 

But whatever the case may be, remember the side hustle is for you, it feeds your passion and makes you feel complete. What have you been working on, nothing? Then get to work!

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